Monday, April 19, 2010

A Hail of Bullets greets Fr. Owen Kearns' Apology


A couple of days ago, the Legion of Christ's National Catholic Register director came out and apologized for not knowing Fr. Maciel was a con-artist and for having defended him and offended truth seekers in the process. Comments have been lively and divided.
Most people have demanded further transparency and accountability; a few have thanked Fr. for his Christian virtue and honesty, continuing to defend Fr Owen, the Legion, the Regnum Christi, and what is left of Fr. Maciel

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spain's LC Director "Sets the Record Straight" re Maciel's Death

Fr. Jesus Maria Delgado, Territorial Director, Spain

For some time a version of the events surrounding Fr. Maciel's death, attributed to Vicar General, Luis Garza in a secret conference to the members,  has circulated. Now, in response to this version in El Mundo the Spanish blog, Legion Regional Director for Spain, Jesus Ma Delgado has written to the editor.

Fr. Jesus Maria gives a detailed rebuttal to an article which appeared in El Mundo. It seems to offer an explanation to the mysterious fire that Luis Garza mentions in his secretly recorded members of the Regnum Christi Consecrated members.
JM says that Maciel died in Jacksonville and that there were only two consecrated women, some LCs and two local nurses present. He also says that Maciel received the sacraments on various occasions. Does this tally with what Luis Garza said about Maciel's death - that he didn't receive confession and Alvaro gave him the sacrament when he was in a coma, that they asked Maciel's "wife" to encourage him to have confession?
Who knows what to believe anymore!

On 4/19/10 the blogger found and English language report on Spero News [CNA] which explains Fr. Delgado's peeves; it appears there was some sloppy reporting mixing fact and fiction and the LC Spanish Territorial Director takes the writers to task. Perhaps rightly so.