Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sex Abuse Victims of Fr Maciel's Sex Abuse Victims

Dear readers, out of respect for the survivors of Fr.Maciel's sexual abuse of his seminarians, I have written little and with great prudence regarding the possibility that some of Maciel's victims could in turn become abusers (the % of victim/abusers is the subject of study, practically unknown, and believed to be low). The phenomenon is called "identification with the perpetrator" and the Legion has not been free of it.

A senior Legionary priest, recently transferred 'out of harms way' to Rome, who may in the past have been mentioned on, is one such perpetrator. Another of his victims, an American in his forties, has recently come to the blogger's attention.

I ask all readers to play for this man in recovery; and I ask the Vatican overseers, specifically Cardinal De Paolis, to look into this Sexual Abuse phenmenon in the Legion, not only by Maciel but by some of his victims who in turn became perpetrators.

Archbishop Chaput's response to this man's complaint was, to say the least, lookwarm.