Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Heading to Dublin March 9, 2012

                                  The blogger throwing coins into Anna Liffey -Oops, the Trevi Fountain!

The blogger returns home in a week or so to give a talk on Undue Influence, High Demand Groups, Sect, and Cults: the Legion of Christ Experience at Trinity College [Mon 12 at 7pm]
The first few days I will be in Dublin, available to chat with any former Legionaries, relatives, or friends who want to say Hello.
It is also a return to the family, to sisters, nieces and nephews, and grand nieces and nephews, spouses and kids. There are lot to take in.
Visit me at the O'Callahan Mont Clair

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Future Legionary being groomed by Mexico's Royal Family and fat father

the royal family was then President Vicente Fox and first lady Marta Sahugun de Fox

Thursday, February 9, 2012

[video] Maciel, the Psycopath

People have been trying to figure out Marcial Maciel for decades. Even after his death he continues to be an enigma. But one paradigm may help us understand him a bit better.

Here is the whole enchilada

You may want to view it in small doses

See Narcissistic Psychopaths...

Cardinal Ouellet leads Call to Penance for Sex Abuse

One cardinal who has been in the forefront of efforts to stem child abuse and sect like groups in the Church begs forgiveness while pondering the evil of Child Abuse

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Legion of Christ dragging feet on Compensation of Maciel Victims

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Will somebody tell me if anyone has been already compensated for sexual abuse at the hands of Fr. Marcial Maciel

I am aware of a couple of cases which are being discussed with with Legion but payments seems to be delayed. Then, of course, if there is a gag order -Legion and Scientology specialize in this!- we will never know what has happened; or we will have to take the Legion's name; and, at this stage, the Legion does not really have a name.
Fr. Maciel in an intimate moment with Fr. Alvaro Corcuera; Fr. Alvaro became -with Maciel's approval- Superior General of the Legion

I learn that Fr. Raymond Cosgrave, LC, is still doing his job as Legion troubleshooter, damage control expert, cajoler and threatener. In this he appears to be an example of a Legionary who has really assimilated the "Spirit of the Founder" in the worse sense of the word. May God forgive him.
[Below, Fr Raymond on the left addressing a group of politicians, including president at the time, Vicente Fox and his wife, Marta Sahagun, at the inauguration of the Anahuac University's Acapulco branch; the tropical heat explains why the rector is wearing the traditional 'guayabera' shirt [although I think I spy the clergyman around his neck underneath the guayabera- a Legionary must never forget he is a priest -or give the impression that he is