Friday, October 21, 2011

A Brave Young Man reviews this Testimony

                                      (The author at 13, four years before being recruited in Dublin by a  Legionary seminarian masquerading as an ordained priest -the first of many lies)

I am very indebted to Denver Dave for reading my memoir and taking the time and energy to write a very personal review. I salute him and the other brave men and women who dared to read something "not officially sanctioned" by Legion/Regnum Christi leaders and "spiritual directors", and who had the courage to step outside the compound to get an objective view of these cult-like organizations. In the process they help others see the light and walk through the dark tunnel of mind-control towards freedom, the freedom of the Children of God, in which they can now seek and find their Lord in truth and joy.

5.0 out of 5 stars AN EXTREMELY POWERFUL TESTIMONY!August 13, 2010
This book contains a very powerful testimony of an amazing man on an amazing journey: before, during and after the Legion of Christ. As someone who has also had similar experiences with the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi movement, which is currently under review and reform, I highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to gain knowledge or understanding of these orders inside Catholicism. This insight comes from man who has experienced so much, learned and taught so much and helped so many who have left or tried to leave these orders--as well as their families. He has also sought to bring justice and healing to the masses - despite even being sued by the Legion at one time. I deeply honor and respect the work and testimony of this man who has helped many of us that have suffered though this crisis in many ways. More importantly, I respect his candor, sincerity and openness to discuss these issues even when he knew he would receive a great deal of turmoil, grief and criticism from even high ranked church officials. This man's honor, bravery and sense of decency are only few of the many qualities that I aspire to and hope to one day achieve. With the emancipation and solace I received from this book and the healing ministry of Mr. Lennon - I am that much closer!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Maciel compared to recent Founders to be Canonized

Father Maciel with lover and daughter

Healing of US man key to Italian priest's canonization

By Cindy Wooden
Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Thanks to the healing of a young man from the United States, who was severely injured in a rollerblading accident, Italian Blessed Louis Guanella will be among three new saints proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI in late October.

William Glisson, now 30 and married, was 21 years old when he and a friend were rollerblading down the Baltimore Pike in Springfield, Pa., near Philadelphia. Glisson was skating backward, without a helmet, hit a hole and fell, hitting his head.

The young man was in a coma for nine days and underwent skull surgery twice, but the doctors' prognosis was still grave.

A family friend, Dr. Noreen M. Yoder, gave Glisson's mother two relics of Blessed Louis Guanella. Dr. Yoder worked at a rehabilitation center in Springfield run by the Opera Don Guanella.

According to the website of the Opera Don Guanella, Glisson was released from the hospital less than a month after the accident and returned to work just seven months later.

Glisson's healing was accepted by the Vatican as the miracle needed for Blessed Guanella's canonization, which is scheduled for Oct. 23.

The Italian priest lived 1842-1915 and founded the Servants of Charity, the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence, and the Confraternity of St. Joseph, whose members pledge to pray for the sick and dying.

Also set for canonization Oct. 23 are: Italian Blessed Guido Maria Conforti, founder of the Xaverian Missionaries, who lived 1865-1931; and Spanish Blessed Bonifacia Rodriguez Castro, 1837-1905, founder of the Servants of St. Joseph, a congregation originally dedicated to educating poor women.