Friday, January 24, 2014

Courageous Woman Overcomes Miserable Childhood, Mental Illness and Finds Jesus

 (This photo taken in Bandelier National Part, Santa Fe, NM, calls to mind the God of Abraham, "El Shaddai", the God of the Hights)

I just found America Saint John on the Amazon memoir authors' page and saw her book promoted. PLease see my sister blog for a fuller description

Her recent message says:

I am just finishing my third book in a trilogy of memoir. My first book "Dying to Live" is about recovering from severe clinical depression and other mental illness issues. My second book, "Let the Seed Fall" is about moving on from there when few professionals thought I'd ever be able to live outside an institution. It tells how I went on to become a missionary in Alaska and in Africa. My third book, "Salted by Fire" is almost ready for the publisher (hopefully this week, if God is willing). They are done as a trilogy because I didn't yet know some things about my background when I wrote the first two. All are from a Christian perspective but are not pie-in-the-sky by any means. They tell of multiple traumas and adversity but also show how God was there through it all.

Let The Seed Fall: Growing from a Seed to a Tree by God's PowerDying to Live: Emerging from the Darkness of Mental Illness into the Light of a Sound Mind. Merica Saint John 
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Friday, January 17, 2014

Pope Benedict Defrocked almost 400 Catholic Priests in 2011-2012

Pope Benedict XVI waves to pilgrims, for the last time as head of the Catholic Church, from the window of Castel Gandolfo where he will start his retirement today on February 28, 2013, in Rome, Italy.

The blogger has never been a harsh critic of Pope Benedict and his ministry; case in question, he is the pope who began to crack down on Child Abusing Priests.
The present interrogation of the Vatican before the UN commission for Children's Rights is shedding light on this

The Vatican Defrocked Over 380 Priests in Two Years for Abusing Children

The Atlantic Wire
Thanks to the UN, the Vatican is facing its first public questioning on the years-long child abuse scandal that's plagued the church for decades. For hours on Thursday, child protection experts from the UN criticized the Holy See for its lack of transparency over an epidemic of clergy abuse in the church. 
On Friday, the Associated Press reported a startling statistic revealed at the UN hearing that seemed to show the depth of the problem: in 2011 and 2012 alone, they wrote, Pope Benedict XVI defrocked 400 priests for sexually abusing children. The statistic came from a report, prepped by the Vatican, to defend its handling of the child abuse scandal. Some Vatican experts initially questioned the accuracy of that number, until the AP explained the breakdown of how they got the figure in a later version of their report. 
In 2012, there were 418 cases of sexual abuse of a minor, while in 2011 the figure was 404 (that's the highlighted number). The columns the second to the right apparently detail defrockings. 260 were defrocked in 2011, and 124 in 2012. That adds up to 384.