Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pedophile's Hateful, Haunting Message to Victims

The author receives Holy Communion circa 1975 from the Holy Hands of Fr. Marcial Maciel, Legion of Christ Founder and Pedophile

The latest article on Jerry Sandusky  paints a terrible picture of a predatory pedophile

[Final paragraph of article]:

This was about seizing one final bit of control over the kids, the ones who have come forward and the ones who still remain silent. During the past year he did it over and over, whether it was waiving hearings at the final moment and forcing witnesses to prepare for nothing, or sitting with an ugly smug look as they testified about the sickest moments of their shattered lives.
This was a shrewd plan, and throughout this entire ordeal, of all the terrible things people said and proved Jerry Sandusky to be, no one ever claimed he wasn't remarkably intelligent, creative and cunning.
This was Sandusky bathing them in his narcissism, reminding everyone, and his victims in particular, that when he leans back on that prison bed, no matter how thin the mattress, uncomfortable the conditions or inedible the lunch, no one can stop him from reliving it all.
He wanted them to know: They'll remain his. Forever. That part of Touchdown Jerry, clad in red, remains safe and secure.
"A most banal, self-delusional, completely-untethered-from-reality, entirely-self-focused-as-if-he-himself-was-the-victim," McGettigan said, blasting Sandusky's statement.
"It was, in short, ridiculous."
The only hope is that it wasn't effective, that it won't stick with those frightened kids who became powerful men, and that the hateful, harmful words of Jerry Sandusky just drifted off into the Bellefonte air, soon to be forgotten like the shrinking pathetic man they took away on Tuesday to die.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Some Pedophiles get Punished; others, like Maciel, go scot free

Jerry Sandusky was given an effective life sentence after being convicted on 45 counts related to molesting 10 boys over 15 years. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

thought for the day; Sandusky gets 30 years for abusing 10 teens
Fr Marcial Maciel, thanks to his astuteness, Catholics choosing to be blind, and the Catholic hierarchy protecting him gets Nothing for abusing over a 100 teens
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Marcial Maciel, Mexican, bigamist, incestuous, thief, rapist of girls and boys

Fr. Paul Lennon has the privilege of receiving Holy Communion from the hands of Holy Founder, Fr. Maciel

(Blogger's translation)
 "The severe condemnation by pope Benedict XVI  of the Legionaries of Christ, who he has ordered to be completely reorganized, and of their founder, Father Marcial Maciel, Mexican, bigamist, incestuous, thief, rapist of girls and boys, including one of his own sons -a character that seems to be taken from the novels of the Marquis of Sade-, is still not enough to dissipate the shadows with which  all that (meaning, clerical sex abuse) has covered one of the world's most important religions."

Mario Vargas Llosa


The Peruvian Nobel Prize-winning author, Mario Vargas Llosa, in his latest book: "La Civilizacion del Espectaculo"  ( Alfaguara, mayo, 2012 ) said this in the most eloquent Spanish which characterizes his writing:
" La severisima condena por parte del papa Benedicto XVI de los Legionarios de Cristo, a los que ha declarado en reorganizacion integral, y de su fundador, el padre Marcial Maciel, mexicano, bigamo, incestuoso, estafador, estuprador de niños y niñas, incluido uno de sus propios hijos - un personaje que parece escapado de las novelas del Marques de Sade - , no acaba de borrar las sombras que todo ello ha echado sobre una de las mas importantes religiones del mundo. ª
When he says " las sombras que todo ello ha echado" he is referring to pederasty by priests in the Church. Marques de Sade, ? not a bad description.
Regain has to continue to "borrar esas sombras" "dissipate those shadows"