Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rudolf Hess: Inside the mind of Hitler's deputy

Adolf Hitler and Rudolf Hess

A dog-like devotion to Hitler is why Hess is thought to have been given such a senior position in the Nazi party.

Rudolf Hess: Inside the mind of Hitler's deputy;

 papers of an interviewing psychiatrist, Dr. Dicks, recently released

Legion of Christ Founder, Marcial Maciel's,  hand chosen deputy is believed to be Luis Garza Sada, presently Territorial Director of the United States Province of the Legion of Christ; he was recently demoted from Assistant Superior General by Apostolic Delegate, Cardinal Velasio DePaolis. Maciel's favorite son, Alvaro Corcuera, still remains in his position under the direction of VDP


In the media, Hess had appeared square-jawed and strong, often pictured striding side-by-side with Hitler. In the flesh, that illusion was soon shattered.
"The first impression is undoubtedly of a schizoid psychopath," Dicks wrote in the notebook, which has only recently been made public by his family.

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Rudolf Hess
The Psychiatrist and the Deputy Fuhrer is on BBC Radio 4, Monday 9 April at 20:00 BST
"Compared to the photos in the press, the face is that of some tormented beast. The face is bestial, ape or wolf, that was at one time or might have been quite charming as a youth."
Dicks recorded Hess's intense anxiety prior to the meeting and attributed it to his unconscious feelings of inferiority around the British. After Lord Simon had rejected Hess's proposals, Dicks worried his patient would spiral out of control. His fears proved correct.
Days later Hess threw himself over the banister of the staircase in the building where he was being held. He demanded to see Dicks in the early hours of the morning then rushed towards him, jumping over the banisters and breaking his leg, according to the psychiatrist.
Hess survived, and his erratic behaviour continued to fascinate his British captors. A dog-like devotion to Hitler is why Hess is thought to have been given such a senior position in the Nazi party.

Rudolf Hess

Rudolf Hess at the Nuremberg trials
  • 1894: Born in Alexandria, Egypt
  • 1914-18: Serves during WWI, ending war as lieutenant
  • 1920: Joins Hitler's fledgling Nazi party
  • 1923: Imprisoned with Hitler and becomes his secretary
  • 1933: Becomes deputy of the Nazi Party after Hitler's rise to power
  • 1941: Seeks peace with Britain by flying solo to Scotland; detained in Britain
  • 1946: Convicted of crimes against peace atNuremberg Trials and given life sentence
  • 1947: Transferred to Spandau Prison in Berlin
  • 1987: Found hanged

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Disgraceful Legion of Christ Pays Maciel Victims Peanuts

Velasio de Paolis in recent inverview with Spanish magazine Vida Nueva when asked about compensation for Maciel's victims gives amounts. Disgraceful!

What are the results of the Victims Commission?
We were not obliged to look for the victims. Whoever felt they were a victim could make a request to the commission. In final analysis, the victims were less than ten, each one of which has received compensation of 15, 25, 35 thousand euros. In some cases, more.

- ¿A qué resultados ha llegado la comisión encargada de las víctimas?
- Nosotros no teníamos el deber de buscar a las víctimas. Quien se sentía víctima podía hacer una petición a la comisión. Las víctimas, al final, han sido menos de diez, cada una de las cuales ha recibido indemnizaciónes de 15.000, 25.000 o 35.000 euros. En algunos casos, incluso algo más.