Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fellow Former Legionary, Jack Keogh's, Memoir

This blogger has just posted his Personal Review of Jack's book, different from the "official" one below. I enjoyed the memoir very much. I had hoped by writing mine to lead the way. I would like to see memoirs appear from more recent generations, from people who joined in the 70s, then the 80s, then the different parts of the world, with different experiences, points of view.


Editorial Reviews on the webpage.


"I was pulled along by the story of a young Irishman drawn into the world of the Legionaries of Christ... This is a sad yet in the final measure uplifting memoir." --Jason Berry, investigative journalist, and co-author of "Vows of Silence" (added by author)

Product Description

Driving Straight On Crooked Lines is Jack Keogh's inspiring autobiography, covering the twenty years of his life from adolescence in Dublin, Ireland, to adulthood as a Catholic Priest in the Legion of Christ, and onwards: transitioning to a new life as husband, father, and international management consultant. For twenty years, Jack's life was intertwined with the Legion, and its controversial founder Marcial Maciel. Both the Legion, and Maciel feature in this memoir, but it is not about them. Rather, this is Jack's story. As such, it is told with candor, a sparkle in the eye, plenty of blarney, and Irish good humor. Spanning locations across the globe, this memoir gives insight to the inner workings of what some see as a religious cult, and to the inner thoughts of a former priest. It tells how an Irishman found his heart, and in doing so, nearly lost his mind. It is often moving, frequently funny, very entertaining, and always memorable.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Do I want Maciel to Sizzle in Hell?

[the blogger at the age of 12, the age of Maciel's victims when the abuse started]

A friend wrote:

I am grateful for the gospel injunction that I not judge lest I BE judged. Maciel's deathbed refusal of the Sacraments of Annointing & Reconciliation shocks me. May God have mercy on him.

Blogger's response:

I do not totally accept reports regarding Fr Maciel's last moments, whether receiving or not the Sacraments. It is very hard to know the facts. Nobody will come out publicly and put his head on the block behind his allegations/reports. We have only unconfirmed "rumors" from inside and out, from friends and enemies. And I, despite it all, am not an "enemy of Maciel", and derive no particular pleasure from thinking of him sizzling in Hell for all eternity.

On the other hand he does deserve some punishment for all his evil deeds -especially the sex abuse of minors which is so traumatic and damaging - and for getting off almost Scott Free in this world.