Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pope Busts Argentine Bishop Frolicking on Beach with Beauty

Monsignor Burgallo in Mexico

 Fr Maciel with daughter close to him and with mistress [right] in Cotija, Michoacan, Mexico with consecrated members of his Regnum Christi Lay Movement

As reported the bishop resigned; blogger is not sure if he stopped being a priest -let's not jump to conclusions

He handed in his resignation today and it was accepted by the Vatican. It is not clear to this blogger whether he chose to resign or was 'asked to' by church authorities. 

remember the case of Fr. Maciel who stepped down from his leadership of the Legion of Christ, as superior general, after the investigation into his behavior was underway.

Stepping down as leader

After the reopening of the investigation in late 2004, Fr. Maciel stepped down as General Director of the Legion at the Ordinary General Chapter held in January 2005.[10] Fr Alvaro Corcuera was then elected by the same General Chapter as the new General Director. [from Wikipedia]

The blogger does not what the bishop plans to do after he resigns from his post:
Does he continue to be a bishop?
If so, where will he be assigned?

 VATICAN CITY - The pope has accepted the resignation of an Argentine bishop photographed frolicking on a Mexican beach with a woman, one of several personnel changes announced Tuesday by the Vatican before the pontiff heads off for summer vacation.
Monsignor Fernando Maria Bargallo, bishop of Merlo-Moreno outside Buenos Aires, initially denied having had any improper relationship with the woman, whom he described as a childhood friend. But the 57-year-old Bargallo later decided to step down under the church rule that lets bishops retire before age 75 if they're found to be unfit for office.
Photographs of the encounter were broadcast on television last week and have been circulating on the Internet.
The resignation was one of several personnel changes announced Tuesday by the Vatican before the pope leaves next week for Castel Gandolfo, the papal summer residence in the hills south of Rome. The Vatican frequently announces a rash of personnel moves before the pope leaves town and the Vatican slows down for the summer.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Argentine Bishop Busted on Beach with Beauty

The author in his post priest hood years on vacation in Guatemala

See TV report

Sound  bad and looks bad but maybe we should take another look...

Auxiliary bishop of Buenos Aires hit the headlines today when some very compromising photos appeared in the Latin American media

Take a look at photos. If you speak Spanish you can see short statement by bishop

 Then I will share some personal reflections.

I remember being on the beach with two pretty lady friends in Cancun and nothing  happened; i was a priest at the time and I did nothing inappropriate for them of for me. Of course, I don't think Fr. Maciel would have approved...our would he?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

"I will have no Adulterous Priests in the Legion of Christ" (Marcial Maciel)

                                              Adulterous priest in Dublin pub March 2012

As I describe in my memoir(!) "Our Father Maciel who art in bed...." [book and Kindle]
Fr. Maciel confronted me one day in Mexico City, circa 1980, in the gardens of Quinta Pacelli, with that vehement accusation... I was then a 37 year old LC priest running the School of Faith in the residential Lomas de Chapultepec section of the giant metropolis; he was the Superior General of the order and was 60 years of age. a paragon of apostolic zeal and flawless customs.

Historic words, as we now know from later revelations.

Read how I 'defended myself' from that accusation at the time and how Fr. Maciel later apologized to me and why. I won that round with the Master of Deceit, but he won the battle, shipping me off to the Quintana Roo Mission two years later to teach me another lesson in humility ...